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Why Backflow Testing Is Just Good For Your Health

Backflow testing is an important part of your plumbing system. It's a process to test the pressure in your plumbing to make sure dirty water doesn’t get into your supply of drinking water. During backflow testing, the plumber will use a backflow testing device to check the system for irregularities. This process could catch harmful bacteria flowing in the wrong direction before it has a chance to make your family sick. 

Many diseases, illnesses, and outbreaks are attributed to contaminated drinking water. Backflow can cause harmful substances from the ground to mix with the water as well. Dangerous chemicals from nearby facilities could seep into the soil. Gases, pesticides, and even human blood have seeped into potable water supplies when backflow occurs. Take steps to prevent these toxic, disease-causing substances from getting near your drinking water. Here is more information about health problems dirty water can cause.

Preventing contamination of your home’s water supply is very important for your family’s physical health. You should have the proper type of backflow preventer installed to keep your water as clean as possible. They should be tested every year because they will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. A drop in water pressure could send wastewater flowing into the clean water pipes through backpressure. With proper testing, a plumber can help determine the best backflow preventer and location for your home.

Backflow prevention is simply using a device to create an air gap. They create space between the places that water might collect and the faucets and valves the water flows through. Backflow testing can find areas of pressure that are too low to flow properly. Plumbers can install backflow preventers in the areas of your plumbing that are at risk for cross-contamination. 

Backflow can be a very hazardous issue in your plumbing system. Potable water and wastewater must be kept separate. If wastewater mixes with your clean water supply it can lead to serious illness and health problems.  Plumbing systems are designed to prevent backflow but it can happen. Keeping your plumbing in good condition and preventing backflow is important for your family’s health. You need to be sure your drinking water isn’t in danger of cross-contamination. 

Backflow testing is a basic procedure that plumbers can perform easily. It can even be done from outside the house so you don’t usually even need to be at home when it’s done. Make backflow testing a part of your yearly home maintenance routine to ensure dirty water doesn’t end up mixing with the water you’re drinking, cooking, and showering with. Ensure that the water coming out of the tap is safe and clean.

If you need peace of mind about your water, call Plumbing Outfitters today.  A plumber will perform a full inspection of your plumbing. They test pressures and flow to make sure the water is running in the right direction to keep things sanitary. Freezing and bursting pipes, leaks, or unusually high water usage can cause backflow situations. Bacteria could be seeping into your water supply and you wouldn’t know until it was too late. Any drop in water pressure throughout the plumbing system could cause dirty water to get in the system. 

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