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Plumbing Outfitters Offers Leak Detection Services In Austin, TX and Surrounding Areas

Are you getting higher water bills than usual? Are you noticing excess water pooling up under your appliances, sinks, or flooring? Maybe unsightly stains are showing up on your ceilings or walls. Don’t delay, act now because you could have a big problem on your hands. Water leaks can cause major structural damage. Call Plumbing Outfitters today; one of our experienced professionals can help find and repair those pesky water leaks as quickly as possible. 

Water leaks can cause major damage and mounting expenses if left undetected. They need to be repaired as quickly as possible. Don’t let the damages get worse as your water bill continues to climb. Water leaks can destroy your drywall and flooring. The moisture soaking everything also leads to unhealthy mold, mildew growth, and odors. You might hear trickling water sounds, dripping, or you might not hear anything at all. Some leaks are difficult to find without specialized equipment. 

Leaks can originate under the foundation of the house or the yard. Call Plumbing Outfitters; their friendly technicians can quickly detect leaks, create the smallest access point possible, and repair the problem. Their experience level often gives them the ability to determine the cause of a leak without even using any special equipment. Sometimes, even the pros need a little specialized technology to get to the root of the problem. 

Soil probes are one tool that can be used to listen for water flowing underground. The long device is a pole that’s inserted deep in the ground. It uses ultrasonic sensors to help listen for leaks deep under the soil and even beneath your landscaping. This minimizes the amount of digging and destruction required to find the leak and make the necessary repairs. 

Acoustic devices can also be used to pinpoint the gushing sounds of leaking water escaping your pipes, even through concrete. It helps differentiate normal water system flow sounds from any irregular noises that can be caused by a water leak somewhere in the system. It uses sound waves to put a microscopic flex on the pipe walls to measure their strength and detect any weak spots. 

Heat scanning devices use infrared imaging technology to show thermal energy and help detect hard-to-find leaks. Thermographic scanners can be valuable tools to help pick up any temperature changes when you’re looking for water leaks. Fiber optic cables with cameras attached to them can also be fed through the pipes to provide video feed from inside the plumbing. This detailed interior view of the pipe gives the technician a clear picture and can pinpoint the exact source of the water leak. This view also provides an opportunity to check the interior condition of the pipes at the same time. 

If you are experiencing water leak issues in the Austin area, simply call Plumbing Outfitters today. You can trust these experienced professionals to come out, locate the leak, and get the situation resolved for you as quickly as possible.

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