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Kitchen Faucet Innovations to Consider for Your Home

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, or even if you just appreciate good quality and helpful technology, then you might be surprised to learn about some of the newest kitchen faucet innovations available today. From built-in glass rinsing mechanisms to touch technology and even voice activation, these innovations are solving many common problems for homeowners around the world. 

Built-In Glass Rinsing Mechanism

Everyone has experienced the frustration of attempting to clean a forgotten glass caked with residue and putting your delicate wine glasses in the dishwasher to remove last night’s burgundy stain isn’t always the best idea. Fortunately, it’s possible to fit your kitchen faucet with a built-in glass rinsing mechanism that’s designed to get down into those hard-to-reach spots and remove film, residue, or even soap with ease. Simply turn the glass upside down, line it up with the mechanism, and gently press down. A stream of water will gently (but thoroughly) cleanse your glasses without fear of scratches or nicks. 

Easy-Clean Spray Holes

A few different faucet manufacturers have introduced faucet technologies for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry areas, and more that are designed to allow for thorough removal of calcium and lime buildup with just a gentle touch. The spray holes at the nozzle are made with soft rubber that makes it easy to simply wipe off the everyday gunk, and in some cases, the material is also designed to prevent the buildup in the first place. Not only does this make your cleaning tasks simpler than ever, but in the parts of the Austin area with notoriously hard water, it can also help your faucets last far longer. Delta’s Touch-Clean® Spray Holes faucets are perfect examples of how beautiful this technology can be, too.

Temperature Sensors and Indicators

Whether you have small children in your home or you simply like the idea of knowing what temperature your water is as it exits the tap, kitchen (and bathroom!) faucets with temperature sensors and indicators are the perfect addition. The indicators tend to use an intuitive blue-to-red spectrum where blue indicates cold water, red indicates hot water, and a purple or magenta color indicates hot-but-not-too-hot water. Several manufacturers use this technology in unique ways, so you’re sure to find something that suits your individual or household needs. 

Smart Faucets with Voice Activation

The Internet of Things has left no stone unturned, which means even your kitchen faucet can be smarter than you might imagine. Moen Smart Faucet™ technology is a wonderful example of this; it boasts several amazing features that almost sound too good to be true. You can activate the faucet manually, hands-free, through an app, or even with your voice. Better still, you can dispense a predetermined amount of water at the temperature you want. For example, if you need a gallon of 120-degree water, this faucet can do it on demand. It works with Alexa and Google, and it features wave sensors, interactive apps complete with usage data, power boost technology for a stronger stream, and much more.

Kitchen faucets are more than just a handy (if not necessary) source of water for all your cooking, handwashing, and produce-rinsing needs. Today, they can make your life simpler, safer, and more convenient through a variety of innovations that are surprisingly advanced. Just make sure you hire a licensed plumber to help you install these faucets to ensure that you get all of the features quickly – and without any extra headaches.

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