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Disaster Relief for the 2021 Texas Winter Storm

We have made it through “SNOW-vid 2021” but our pipes, water heaters, roofs, and/or flooring may have not been so lucky. Here at Plumbing Outfitters, we strive to not only provide quality plumbing services for our clients but to also be a resource for information and support. During the recent winter storm, we made ourselves available for remote support and technical advice around the clock even when we couldn’t be on the roads making service calls on location. Now that the storm is over and our highly-trained technicians are out making repairs as we speak, that doesn’t mean our advice and support stops.

Regardless of who you choose for your plumbing service, we’d like to continue to provide you with guidance and advice for getting your repairs done quickly and affordably. Going into survival mode without power, water, and worrying about the safety of your plumbing system is stressful enough. Adding financial stress to repair the damages is even worse. There are resources available to you now.

FEMA disaster relief applications are now available for 77 counties in Texas, including our major service areas in Travis, Williamson, Bastrop, and Bell counties. Check the FEMA link below to see if your county is eligible for assistance.

Remember, if you have home insurance, you must file a claim prior to applying for or receiving assistance. FEMA assistance is to help with those expenses that are not covered by your insurance plan. If you receive financial assistance from FEMA for your damages and then file a claim and get reimbursed from your insurance company, it is considered insurance fraud to receive money from both sources. As long as you only receive funds from FEMA that cover the expenses that your insurance does not cover, you will be fine.

While we can’t answer questions related to specific insurance or FEMA concerns, we can at least help spread awareness that help is available. For more information and support, please visit the following websites and start the application process:

FEMA Relief Information: https://www.fema.gov/press-release/20210220/texas-survivors-affected-winter-weather-can-apply-federal-disaster

Disaster Relief Application: www.disasterassistance.gov

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