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Do you have Brown Spots on Your Ceiling? Might be Faulty Piping

Having an unsightly brown stain on the ceiling can be disgusting and embarrassing. These discolored spots are caused by water stains from a leak If you don’t address the source of the water and make repairs immediately, things will just get worse. Don’t let it go unchecked. If you have faulty pipes the damage will continue until the ceiling needs to be replaced and repair costs will get higher. If you don't find and repair the cause of the leak it could get out of control. 


Whatever is in the room above the ceiling stain is probably the source of the moisture. If there is a sink, toilet, or shower above that ceiling that is usually the source. Hard water buildup can damage pipes and fixtures over time. Condensation on pipes or ‘sweating’ can occur if a pipe isn’t well insulated. The moisture builds up on the outside of the pipe and forms droplets that drip and run off onto everything around it.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes can also send water running along the pipes or rafters before it drips down making it even more difficult to determine the source of the moisture. The water might be dripping onto a rafter allowing it to travel to another area before it is absorbed or trickles down. The water may be running off at an angle and landing in a different area than where it came from.

Shower Pans

Caulking around tubs and shower pans will deteriorate over time allowing water to seep through the cracks. Keeping these areas well sealed and refreshing the caulk regularly is important. The faucets, pipes, and water lines leading to upstairs bathroom fixtures can also leak down the walls and onto the subfloor, eventually saturating the ceiling below. If the leak is major it will spread quickly to the ceilings of rooms next to it, running down nearby walls, and into rooms below.

Toilet Wax Ring

The thick waxed ring that holds the toilet bowl in place can become worn out or damaged. Water will begin to seep out around the base of the toilet and run onto the floor surrounding it. This constant pooling of water can cause extensive flooring and subfloor damage. This moisture drips down, damaging the ceiling of the rooms below. Leaking sink faucets or water lines below the sink can be hard to pinpoint until it’s too late. These lines are usually obscured by under sink storage cabinets and if there’s an unnoticed leak inside, everything below the drip, including the cabinet and floor, will become saturated. 

Having a professional determine where the water is coming from will save you time and stress. Damp drywall can become a moldy mess if it isn’t dried quickly. You don't want to start knocking holes in your walls or tearing up floors before you consult an experienced plumber. They have the tools and expertise to find and repair leaks promptly while keeping costs as low as possible. Call Plumbing Outfitters today, they can come out and determine whether faulty pipes are causing those pesky ceiling stains and repair the problem.

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