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5 Advantages of Hydro Jetting

From residential complexes and houses to commercial or industrial yards, building structures are vulnerable to slow or clogged sewers and drains. Items like toys and used diaper wipes flushed down the toilet, the build-up of food waste, plaster, grease, debris, and leaves cause these blockages. 

Hydro jetting is a clean and effective method to unclog pipes and drains. It involves using a high-pressure hose with a special nozzle to blast water through the lines to clear tough blockages or build-up. The first step is to inspect the spot where the problem is and check if there are any broken pipes. If there is no damage, a high-powered water jet will clean the stubborn clog in plumbing and sewer lines. 

Here are the five most significant benefits of using hydro jets instead of traditional clog removal methods:

Leaves pipe spotless

Hydro jetting can be used for a comprehensive cleaning of pipes and sewer lines. It can also help get rid of tough clogs in your plumbing. Blasting the plumbing with 3000-8000 PSI water pressure will flush out debris and tackle everything from the smallest dust particles to the most severe obstructions. It will save your money on plumbing repairs in the long run. 

Removes residue

Home plumbing takes a lot of beating throughout the year. Small debris and particles like sand, grease, dirt, mud, soap, and food pass through the pipes and leave behind residue. If not properly cleaned, they can cause buildup and blockage. Hydro jetting will effectively wash the lines, clear the rubble, and keep the drains clog-free for an extended time when compared to traditional standard augering methods.

Can clean even hard-to-access pipes

Pipes in homes, especially older homes, can be precarious. They are also most often located in places that are hard to access. Hydro jetting hoses and supporting equipment are flexible and can reach even the plumbing that’s difficult to navigate. 

Reduces bacteria

According to a WHO report, poor sanitation and unsafe water cause illnesses that fill half of the developing world’s hospital beds. These two factors are also responsible for 10% of the global disease burden. Because of their constant use, pipes harbor many hazardous bacteria and viruses. They can cause health issues, odd odors, and general unpleasantness. Hydro jetting will clear out the trapped bacteria and grime, contributing to a more sanitary plumbing system.

It’s affordable

Hydro jetting is a cost-effective alternative to other pipe cleaning methods. The pressurized water clears out the plumbing thoroughly, reducing the expenses of opening up the pipes to clean them. You’ll spend less on repairs and maintenance if your plumbing is functioning at its optimal best. 

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